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Brief Introduction to International Exchange

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  The university is always carrying on open developing strategy, enlarging school-running space and the international exchange affairs have achieved great progress since her foundation. The university has successively established exchange and cooperation relationship with 34 universities and educational institutes from 11 nations such as U.S.A, Japan, R.O.K, England, Poland, Canada, Russia, Pakistan etc, sent more than 160 university staff abroad to research, teach and attend international academic conference, hosted 6 international seminar and totally invited more than 240 long-term and short-term foreign experts to research and teach. The university conducts various joint-ventures, for example, 2+2, 3+2, MBA1+1, 1+2+1 etc, with Korean and American universities, and actively sends exchange students and self-sponsored students to sister universities(approximately 100 students per year). About 80% of 405 international students from 20 different nations is studying for Degrees, which proves the structure of Diploma-education oriented and language-training assisted has constituted. In August 2006, approved by the national Ministry of Education, the university attained the privilege for receiving international students sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship. In 2007, the university also jointly established the Confucius Institution with Kangwon University in R.O.K. We would adapt to the trend of international higher education voluntarily and struggle for great improvement.
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