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Foreign Experts & Teachers Wanted

2008年04月22日 00:00  点击:[]

  Vacancies: English 4-5  Japanese 2  Korean 1
  Job Descriptions:12-16 academic hours per week
  Student Language Level: intermediate to advanced
  Subjects Taught: Literature, Western History, Oral, Basic & Advanced Writing etc.
  Conditions provided:
    Monthly Pay:RMB2200yuan—RMB4500yuan
    International Air Fee: One way for the first contract and round trip for the second contract
    Boarding: free in the Friendship Hotel
    Vocational Allowance: RMB1100yuan per vocation
  Required Qualifications:
    Native speakers with health condition
    Minimum Degree of BA
    Have a demonstrated knowledge in the subject matter being taught
    Previous experience in a similar position preferable(about two-year working experience)
    Must have the ability to maintain an effective classroom atmosphere
    Strong communication skills with students
    Clear and pleasant teaching manner
    Committed and with a high level of team working spirit
  Contact Information: please send resumes to
     Tel: 0086-432-64608612

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