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Dragon Boat Team of Beihua University Won Two Championship in 2010 Jinghang Cana

2010年11月17日 00:00  点击:[]

  On 19th October, “DexinZhenyuan Cup”2010 Jinghang Canal Dragon Boat Competition was held in Jiangsu City. The female team of Beihua University won 500-meter Straight Speed and team champion.
  The competition was the last dragon boat event held by National Dragon Boat Association before the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. The event was sponsored by Social Sport Guide Center of General Administration of Sport of China, National Dragon Boat Association, Zhejiang Sport Bureau, Hangzhou City Sport Bureau, etc.. It gathered 17 representative teams of high skill from Hongkong, Taipei Chian, Jilin, Jiangsu and so on with more than 500 contestants. The female dragon boat team of the school strived for victory and eventually won two championships.

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