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Application for the 2010 Authorization of Master's Degree of Beihua University

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  On the examination of the degree authorization, Beihua University has made breakthrough on the application for the 2010 authorization of master’s degree. Application for new master’s degree authorization also has made progress. All these have made the master education move onto a new stage.
  On the application and examination work, there are 15 first level disciplines of the school including education, Chinese language literature, foreign language literature, art, history, forestry, mechanic engineering and basic medicine etc. approved by the provincial Degree Association. Meanwhile, 3 master degree programs have been authorized to set up in the school. Thus, there are 116 master degree programs of second level disciplines, 6 master degree programs, which have improved the school-running ability and expanded influence of the school.
  Since the integration, Beihua University always has focused on discipline building, making progress on teaching quality and quality of the students. In accordance with the reform of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the school put forward “Election Plans for Key Disciplines in Beihua University” in September 2008. The plan intended to made adjustment to the second level disciplines. 8 first level disciplines and 15 second level disciplines were formed within the school, which laid a solid foundation for the evaluation and authorization of this year.
  On May 18th 2010, based on the spirit of the 27th meeting of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, Jilin Academic Degree Commission started the work of authorization of the master degree and first level disciplines and examination of the master degree programs. Beihua University grasping this historic chance, leaders of the school held conference attended by presidents of all colleges on 19th and 20th of May. At the conference, working plans and guidance were put forward, which gave a detailed arrangements for the application of degree authorization and started application task of the whole university.
  While assigning the tasks, leaders of the school also gave a specific analysis of the candidate disciplines. Through repeated research and verification, based on the foundation and situation of the school, they confirmed the strategy and goal, and 16 first level disciplines applied for master degree programs, 11 majors for master degree programs.
  During the process, no matter it was a success or failure, all colleges committed fully to the task. Presidents of every college leaded and motivated the whole department. Seriously carrying out the spirit of the file from the university, they did a thorough research, analyzed the qualities of other competitors, revised files and ppt several times. Leaders of the university listened to rehearsals of 2 master degree applications and 4 first level degree applications.
  Postgraduate Affairs delivered the news from the country and the province, keen and patient with the service for each college. It organized 12 conferences and 20 emergent meetings. Staff from OA net provided materials and 65 notices. Experts were invited to review the file. For a thorough preparation and strive for more time, faculties were often work late into the night.
At present and in the future, Postgraduate Affairs, as well as related colleges, will conduct solid work on how to improve discipline building, how to master the rules of master education, how to reform the master training system and talents training.

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