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Chairman Zhou Shizhao of Student Union Attend the 25th All-China Students Federa

2010年09月03日 00:00  点击:[]

  On August 24th, the 25th Conference of All-China Students Federation was held in Beijing People’s Hall. As a representative team of the conference, Chairman Zhou Shizhao has been sent to attend the meeting.
  Chairman Hu Jintao sent a letter to congratulate the opening of the conference. Vice-chairman Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony. Wang Zhaoguo, vice chairman of Standing Committee of the NPC, on behalf of the Party, gave a speech of congratulation. Secretary Lu Hao of Youth League also gave a speech. Secretary Deng Nan, vice-chairman of China Association of Science and Technology expressed the congratulations on behalf of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, All-China Women's Federation, China Association for Science and Technology, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Writers Association, All-China Federation Of Taiwan Compatriots. Wang Xiao, standing secretary of China Communist Youth League, as well as Liu Kai, chairman of the 24th All-China Students Federation, gave a report. The opening ceremony was hosted by Wang Xiao, chairman of the 10th All-China Youth Federation. At the conference, the achievements of the recent 5 years have been summarized and the tasks of the future 5 years have been assigned. Meanwhile, new leaders of the All-China Youth Federation and All-China Students Federation have been elected.
  During the group discussion, Zhou Shi introduced the development of Beihua University and the achievements gained by the school. He also shared the successful experience with other representatives from other colleges and universities, which has been highly praised.
  There are 1405 representatives who have attended the conference, and 536 representatives from All-China Students Federation. All-China Students Federation also invited students from Hongkong and Macau SAR to attend the conference.

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