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Jilin Teacher'College's predecessor can trace back to the year1906.when the Qing Government established the Jilin Provincial Elementary teacher's Academy in ChongWen school.On March 9,1948,Jilin city was liberated and Jilin Teacher's School also obtained new lift.Upto the year 1999 Jilin Teacher's College had already become a high level teacher's college, with a completed disciplines,various forms and multiple levels.

Jilin Medical College prodecessor is the Private Midwifery School established by Song Zhongrao in 1928.In December 1947,it was received by the Educational Department of Kuomintang in Jilin and renamed as The Midwifery School of Jilin City.In March 1948,when Jilin City was liberated,the Jilin Provincial People's Government combined it with Hua Ying Advanced Midwifery Vocational School.In 1949,it was renamed as The Medical Cadres School.In November 1973,it was renamed as "Jilin Medical College".By 1999,Jilin medical college had already become a medical teaching and research center. It had trained all kinds of 14000 graduates altogether for the country,mostof whom has already become the backbone in the area of the health care,medical education,scientific research.

The predecessor of Forestry College is the School of Forestry,which was established in 1952 in Hejia village in Chang Chun city.In October 1953,the school moved to the South of River in Jilin City.In March of 1958,it was renamed "Forestry College of Jilin Province",In May 1960,it was renamed as the "Forestry College of Jilin City".By 1999,Jilin Forestry College had already become the center of forestry education and scientific research,and a local college with multi-discipline and multi-level.

The predecessor of Jilin Electrification Academy is the earliest vocational school of Jilin Province--the Vocational School of Jilin Province.It was established in September 1920,and in 1958,Electrification College was estalished in JilinCity.In June 1959,with the approval of Ministry of Metallurgical industry,the college was promoted as "Jilin Metallurgy Electrification School".InOctober 1984,it was renamed as the Electrification Technological School.By 1999,the Electrification College had already developed into high-level industrial colleges with a history of 79 years.Alumnus' of the college are working all over the country,and has made a huge contribution for the country.
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