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Colleges Departments Colleges Departments
Law College Law Department School of Computer science and Technology, College of Software Computer Department II
Politics Department Computer Department I
College of Education Science Psychology Department Department of Software Engineering
Primary Education Department
Educational Technology Department College of Transportation and Civil Engineering Department of Transportation Engineering
College of Physical Education Physical Education Department Department of Civil Engineering
School of Chinese Language and Culture Department of Chinese Language and Culture Department of Timbering Engineering
Communication Department College of Forestry Forestry Department
Foreign Languages' College Japanese Department Landscape Gardening Department
English Department Department of Food and Environment Science
College of Music Music Department College of Basic Medicine
College of Fine Arts Department of Fine Arts College of Public Health
Painting Department No. 1 Clinical College (Affiliated Hospital)
Department of Art Design College of Medical Test
College of History and Culture Department of History College of Stomatology
College of Mathematics Department of Mathematics College of Nursing
Educational Center of College Mathematics College of Pharmacy
College of Physics Department of Physics School of Economic Management Department of International Economics and Trade
Educational Center of College Physics Department of Business Management
College of Chemistry and Biology Department of Chemistry Department of Public Management
Educational Center of College Chemistry Department of Finance Management
College of Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Tourism Management
Department of Industrial Design College of Adults and Continuing Education
College of Electrical and Information Engineering Department of Electric and Communication Engineering International Education and Exchange College
Department of Automation    
Department of Electronic Information    

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